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Vitamin C (cevitamic acid)

Vitamin C is used for production of premixes, feed and feed mixes with the aim of enriching the rations of agricultural animals including poultry with vitamin С. Vitamin C participates in the metabolism of the body of the animal, provides redox cell functions. Сevitamic acid is involved in the transformations of nucleic acids, the synthesis of steroid hormones in the adrenal glands, in the formation of collagen, which is part of the endothelium of blood vessels and connective tissue. It affects the metabolism of iron and sulfur, inactivation in the body of poisons and toxins, has an antioxidant effect. In the organism of animals cevitamic acid at high-grade feeding and full supply of vitamin A is synthesized in the required amount in the liver and kidneys. Therefore C-hypovitaminosis occur in parallel with the A-hypovitaminosises. Сevitamic acid is found in almost all plant feed, but when storing feed it is under the effect of oxygen, light and enzymes quickly destroyed, so in feed rations are additive synthetic drug cevitamic acid, which weakens or eliminates the negative influence of stress factors, contributes to the conservation of young animals and productivity of animals.

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