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Hostasim X 50

Hostasim X 50 is a feed additive for increasing accessibility of nutrients in the diets of pigs and poultry. It contains enzyme endo-1,4-β-xylanasa, excipients- amylum and wheaten flour. Biological activity of Hostasim X 50 is based on the ability of endo-1,4-β-xylanasa to resolve xylans – hard to hydrolyze components of grain feeds (based wheat, rye and wheat bran, triticale, rapeseed meals and soybean) increasing their digestability.

Hostasim X 50 is used to improve digestibility of nutrients in diets for broilers, turkeys, laying hens, piglets and fattening pigs. Hostasim X 50 doze is 50 g/t of feed. Using of the additive if feeds are under heat therapy needs limits of temperature regime – not more than 85ᴼС. Hostasim X 50 is comparable with all ingredients of the feed, pharmaceuticals and other feed additives.

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