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Flavomycin 80
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Flavomycin 80

Flavomycin 80 is a drug containing as an active ingredient the phosphoglycolipid antibiotic flavophospholipol - 80 mg / g and auxiliary components calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide.

Flavomycin stimulates growth and increases the productivity of animals, improves feed utilization, and helps prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Flavophospholipol, which is part of the drug, inhibits the development of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic gram-positive microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract. The antibiotic prevents the development of bacterial resistance to antibacterial drugs, increasing their effectiveness. Well tolerated by animals including farm birds. Compatible with known drugs and feed additives.

Flavomycin 80 is prescribed for piglets, fattening pigs, calves, cattle for fattening, s.-x. poultry, rabbits and fur-bearing animals in order to accelerate growth, increase productivity, improve feed utilization and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

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