Maduramycin ammonium (1, 0%)
Salinomycin sodium (12,0%)
Monensin sodium (10%)

Maduramicin ammonium (1, 0%)

Maduramicin ammonium which is included in coccidiostat, effects extracellular agamic forms of coccidiums; and resistant forms to other ionophoric antibiotic. The mechanism of preparation action is in elective damage of sodium and potassium ion transport through culprit cell membrane which leads to its death. Preparation is output from organism in the form of metabolites mostly with excrement. Maduramicin ammonium together with well-known antibiotics, vitamins and other feed additives are used in poultry excluding tiamulin. Maduramicin ammonium (1 %) should be given to broilers from the first day of life, but it is output when 5 days before killing. Preparation is given in the mash with feeding in the doze of 0,5 кg for 1 t of feeding, that’s it - 0,005 g maduramicin ammonium for 1 кg of feeding. To ensure a uniform distribution of the daily dose maduramicin ammonium 1% is mixed with a small amount of feed, and then make at careful hashing in food, calculated on the consumption of poultry during the day.

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