About us

About us

Koudijs MKorma is a joint Russian-Dutch company formed on the base of two companies: the Dutch Corporation De Heus, one of the leaders of feed additives world market with a hundred-year history, and MKorma, the exclusive supplier of De Heus products to Russia since 1994.

Today Koudijs MKorma is a leader in the production of premixes and prestarters in Russia as well as selling feed additives - vitamins, amino acids, coccidiostatics, antibacterial agents and enzymes - providing a full range of services for the organization of feeding and keeping farm animals.

The company's products meet international quality standards. The final output is shipped to more than 150 enterprises in Russia and abroad.


Koudijs MKorma has been working on the Russian market of feed and feed additives for more than 25 years.


Creation of MKorma, an exclusive supplier of Dutch De Heus products


Creation of a joint Russian-Dutch company Koudijs MKorma. Launch of premixes production at its own plant in the city of Lakinsk, Vladimir region. Modernization of the plant allowed increasing the volume of output almost three times – from 22 to 60 thousand tons per year


Construction of a high-tech plant for the production of prestarter feed


Launch of the second plant for the production of Premium premixes. Increase in the total output of the premix plant to 120 thousand tons per year


Implementation of an investment project to modernize prestarter production. The installation of new equipment and the launch of a robotic packaging line allowed increasing productivity to 60 thousand tons per year

Our values


  1. Optimization of management, production and other business processes to increase the company's capitalization.
  2. Expansion of the production base: construction of plants for the production of new types of agricultural products.
  3. Development of technologies and implementation of innovative developments in production. Search for the best solutions for enterprises, the population and the future of Russian agriculture.
  4. Strengthening positions in the regions of the Russian Federation and entering new markets as part of the state import substitution strategy.
  5. A comprehensive approach to solving partners' problems through sales support by experienced specialists and qualified experts.
  6. Ensuring decent and safe working conditions for the company's employees.
  7. Following the traditions of a socially-oriented company, participating in charity projects.