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Vitamin H (biotin)

Vitamin H is used for production of premixes, feed and feed mixes with the aim of enriching the rations of agricultural animals including poultry with vitamin H. Biotin is a member of coenzymes involved in oxidative processes, deamination of amino acids involved in fat metabolism and in neurotrophic processes, oxidation of pyruvic acid. Biotin is part of enzymes. This enzyme catalyses the formation of methylmalonic acid from propionic and thus participates together with enzyme in the transformation of propionic acid in the amber. Biotin is an activator of lysozyme (development of immunity against infectious diseases). When there is a lack of biotin, dermatitis appears, bleeding cracks on the legs, hatchability of eggs is reduced, and there are signs of chondrodystrophy. The use of vitamin H provides the high rates of growth and development of agricultural animals including poultry.

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