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Vitamin В3 (kalpan)

Vitamin B3 is used in the production of premixes, compound feeds and feed mix for the purpose of enrichment of diets of agricultural animals, including poultry. Niacin in an organism of agricultural animals regulates carbohydrate and proteinaceous exchange, stimulates digestion and pancreas function, it is a part of coenzymes of carbohydrates participating in oxidation. Use of feed additive B3 niacin promotes metabolism normalization in organism, provides high growth rates and developments of agricultural animals, including poultry. It plays an important role in proteinaceous, carbohydrate and, especially, lipidic (fatty) exchange. The lack of vitamin B3 organism of animals leads to differernt changes in a metabolism and is accompanied by damage of skin in the form of dermatitis, nervous system (paralyzes, spasms), blood, a digestive tract and reproduction bodies. At a lack of pantothenic acid of fodder diets apply calcium pantothenate.

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