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Vitamin В9 (folic acid)

Folic acid is used for the production of premixes, feed and feed mixes for farm animals, including poultry, with the purpose of prophylaxis of hypovitaminosis Bc. Folic acid is a product of the interaction of pteridine, para-aminobenzoic and glutamic acid is antanemic factor. This vitamin is necessary for animal organism for the formation of red blood cells and white blood cell count. With a lack of folic acid is broken process ripening in the marrow formed elements of blood cells and animals have anemia. Folic acid stimulates growth and plumage of birds. During its deficit feathers depigment and there are diseases of the extremities. In calves and laying hens at the soil anemia is slowing growth, reduces egg production is reduced and hatching egg quality become worse, there is an increased embryo mortality in the last days of incubation. A lack of vitamin Bc in feed rations of the poultry should be filled by the additives in the form of synthetic drug of folic acid.

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