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Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is used to produce premixes, formulated feed and feed mix for farm livestock for prophylaxis of hypovitaminosis D. Vitamin D3 in a liver at reaction of a hydroxylation turns in 25-gidroksikholekaltsiferol which then in kidneys undergoes also reaction of a hydroxylation and turns in 1.25-digidroksilkholekaltsiferol. Its action is directed on continuous receipt in an organism of animal mineral substances for adjournment in bones. At conditions of insufficiency of calcium and phosphorus vitamin D carries out a redistributor role, mobilizing calcium and phosphorus from older bone fabrics and delivering them to zones of growth of a bone (epiphysis). Under the influence of vitamin D formation of the bone substance consisting of collagen and mucopolysaccharides amplifies also. The lack of vitamin D leads to violation of ossification of cartilaginous tissue of a skeleton (rickets), to destruction of mineral substance in the created bones (osteomalyation).

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