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Vitamin В4 (choline chloride)

Choline chloride is a vitamin like substance and is intended for enrichment and balances the rations of agricultural animals including poultry and fish. Choline chloride is a phospholipid composition of lecithin, which is an important part of human body cells and plays an important role in the exchange of phospholipids, participating in the synthesis of phospholipids liver. Insufficient number of choline in the body leads to the development of liver steatosis, hemorrhagic degeneration of the liver and kidneys, the disintegration of the thymus animals. Choline chloride is one of the main agents of the so-called lipotropic substances that prevent or substantially reduce the fatty infiltration of the liver. Choline is also an important source of methyl groups required for biochemical processes in the body. Choline chloride stimulates the growth of animals and birds, supports the functioning of the immune system. It influences improving the quality and quantity of eggs and meat mass. Choline chloride is also necessary to ensure normal maturation cartilaginous bones basics, including preventing perosis of broilers.

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