Broiler farming: premixes

Broiler farming : premixes

Feeding Programs of Koudijs MKorma for poultry farming are intended to achieve maximal productivity and optimize costs in the conditions of intensive technology. High-quality raw materials, optimally balanced compositions and nutritional content of Koudijs MKorma feeding programs ensure maximum production results and additional biosecurity.


Premix is a mixture of biologically active substances - vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids and carrier. The main aim is to provide feed with the necessary number of biologically important nutrients. Top Koudijs MKorma experts / specialists use individual approach to develop each of the premix composition using individual approach, taking into account the particular production conditions of customer:

  • Raw material base;
  • Technologies of feeding and management.

The results of using

The results of using
  1. Providing broilers with all necessary vitamins, trace elements and specific feed additives.
  2. The introduction of medical additives (or other ingredients with low rate of inclusion) into the feed via premix guarantees uniform distribution of feed additives over the entire mass of the feed.