Broiler farming: prestarter

Broiler farming : prestarter

Prestarter is an easily digestible feed produced from vegetable raw materials and protein-mineral-vitamin additives. The use of such feed is especially important in the post-hatching period, when it is necessary to ensure intensive growth of the chicken in order to achieve high performance in the future. Prestarter contains necessary useful substances that promote the development of the digestive system and all internal organs of the bird. Feeding Programs of Koudijs MKorma for poultry farming are intended to achieve maximal productivity in the conditions of intensive technology.


  • Top Koudijs MKorma experts / specialists use individual approach to develop each of the prestarter composition using individual approach, taking into account the particular production conditions of customer: raw materials base, technologies of feeding and management.
  • High-quality raw materials, optimally balanced compositions and nutritional content of Koudijs MKorma feeding programs ensure maximum production results.

The results of using

The results of using
  1. Providing young chicks with a source of well-digested protein and energy, vitamins and special supplements.
  2. High body weight.
  3. Reduced feed conversion.
  4. Ensuring a good immune status.
  5. Uniformity of the flock.