Commercial layers: premixes

Commercial layers: premixes

Feeding Programs of Koudijs MKorma for poultry farming are intended to achieve maximal productivity in the conditions of intensive technology. High-quality raw materials, optimally balanced feed compositions and nutritional value of Koudijs MKorma feeding programs ensure maximum egg productivity.


Premix is a mixture of biologically active components, enzymes and amino acids with a carrier. The main aim is to balance feed by biologically active nutrients. Top experts develop each composition of the premix using individual approach, taking into account the particular production conditions of customer:

  • Breed;
  • Raw materials base;
  • Technologies of feeding and management.

The results of using

The results of using
  1. Demonstration of the genetic potential of modern egg hen crosses.
  2. Increase in production results: egg production, egg mass, livability, feed conversion, immune status and the egg shell quality.
  3. Improved technical parameters of the feed.
  4. Improved homogeneity of feed mixing.
  5. Reduced labor costs.
  6. Increased profitability of egg production.
  7. No risks of purchasing counterfeit raw materials.