Prestarter plant
Premix plant

In 2009, the Koudijs MKorma company acquired the NeoKorm plant (currently PJSC De Heus) located in Lakinsk, Vladimir Region, where its own production of premium class premixes was launched. This is a modern enterprise, the production cycle of which includes all the stages necessary to obtain a high-quality, ready-to-eat product. Using advanced technologies and high-tech equipment allows us to produce premixes of the most complex individual recipes, demonstrate impressive technical indicators. Automated process control system works on the principle of "one plant - one operator."

120 thousand tons per year 

production capacity of the premix plant

5 functional parts

silo block - filler preparation line - dosing and mixing line - packing and packaging line - finished goods warehouse

6 gram

the minimum amount weighed in automatic mode


The production lines are fully automated and equipped with timely equipment from AMANDUS KAHL, TENZO-M, ICP DAS, OMRON, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, DANFOSS and FESTO.

Quality standards

Quality standards

All products on the market by Koudijs MKorma are manufactured in accordance with De Heus Brokking Koudijs B.V. quality control standards. A competent and thoughtful combination of all components allows the Koudijs MKorma company to produce a high-quality product at the plant that is not inferior to Western counterparts in dosing accuracy and nutritional properties.