Quality service

Quality service

Quality is the basis of enterprise competitiveness. The quality management system at our company is an integral part of the overall production management system. It is necessary to create, use, maintain and improve quality control of products at all stages of its production. Our premix & prestarter production complex has its own laboratory, which conducts a wide range of analysis.



Our advantages

Accreditation according the ISO 17025-2019. Laboratory work monitoring using Shewhart control charts. Participation in numerical tests in the laboratories of the Cherkizovo Research Center and IL Test-Pushchino.

Analysis of premixes, feed and raw materials

Over 50 types of laboratoty tests. Control samples of each batch of premix and feed produced are stored in the laboratory for the entire shelf life of the product.

Modern laboratory equipment

Two latest generation liquid chromatographs Perkin Elmer and Pickering allow us to analyze content of vitamins A, E, D in the premix and determine the amino acid content in the premix, feed and raw materials. The NIRS DS2500 F FOSS infrared analyzer allows you to get accurate indicators of the nutritional value of feed and raw materials.

Modern database for the FOSS NIR-analyzer

The base was created on the basis of Dutch calibrations, taking into account the raw materials used in Russian production and the finished product. It allows you to analyze nutritional indicators.

Integrated Quality System

  1. The Quality Management System is an important part of the overall production management system.
  2. It is necessary to create, use, maintain and improve Quality Control of products at all stages of its production.
  3. It solves the company's external tasks: ensuring the satisfaction of partners, confirming the status of a producer of high-quality products, disseminating the principles of quality management based on international standards.
  4. It solves the internal tasks of the company: ensuring the professional growth of employees, due to the continuous process of training and retraining of team.

In accordance with international quality standards, an Integrated Quality Management System has been introduced at the plant in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2009, ISO 22 000, including HACCP

  • ISO 9001-2009
    ISO 9001-2009
  • ISO 22 000
    ISO 22 000