Swine rearing: premixes

Swine rearing : premixes

The modern concept of feeding in pig farming is aimed at maximum efficiency at the optimal cost of production. It involves the use in the suckling and post-weaning periods of SK-3 (prestarter) produced at specialized plants and based on the concentrate in starter feed (SK-4) with a gradual transition to premixes with amino acids in the fattening period.


  • Development of individual solutions for each partner helps to achieve the necessary production results at the optimal cost of the feeding program.
  • Koudijs MKorma cooperates with major reliable suppliers of specialized raw materials.
  • High quality control of the world standard of incoming raw materials and outgoing products.
  • The cost of compound feed when using Koudijs MKorma products in most cases is lower than the average price of a similar feed in Russia.

The results of using

The results of using
  1. Reduction of the fattening period of pigs by 3-5 days.
  2. Reduction of the production price of 1 kg of the gain.
  3. Increasing the economic efficiency of pork production by 7-10%.