Livestock farming: dairy and meat cattle

Dairy and beef cattle breeding

Modern meat and dairy production is based on balancing of feeding rations for different groups of animals. The company Koudijs MKorma provides total consulting support for customers – producers of meat and milk products.


  • Development of individual feeding rations for each customer.

  • Consulting services on feeding and cattle management issues.

  • Consulting on the improvement of production technologies.

  • Consulting services on the microclimate management.


  1. Collection of information about the farm, the analysis of raw materials base and performance results.
  2. Development of feeding program taking into account specific issues of the raw material base, feeding technology and cattle management at the farm using the programs Feed Optima, Hubrimin Futter 5, Best Mix.
  3. Adjustment of rations based on changes in the raw material base and production results.


  • Significant reduction of the feeding and final products costs.

  • Reducing the impact of the human factor and optimizing production processes.

  • Improvement of performance results: feed conversion, body weight gain, livability, immune status of the animals and milk quality.